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freegans's Journal

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Freeganism is based on the same principle as veganism; don't feed money into industries that profit from things you don't believe in. The difference is, a freegan may consume animal products, for example, as long as they are going to be thrown out anyway, no store inventories are effected, and the industry which produces the product doesn't profit. The idea works for anything you are against, from breeding animals for inhumane human use, to capitalism itself.
As you may have guessed, freeganism usually (but not always) involves dumpster diving, but This community is for discussing freegan lifestyles, though--more than just dumpster diving and interesting finds (there is already a lively community for that), though all of that is welcome. Any discussion about vegan vs. freegan opinions and ideas, sweatshop labor, etc... is more than welcome as well.
Speaking of sweatshop labor, since eating meat out of a dumpster isn't advisable, freeganism is likely to play a bigger role when it comes to clothing and other products, as it is hard to find affordable clothes from companies not involved in unfair labor practices. Just make sure you don't increase the demand for anything by purchasing it.