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Im a Vegan for almost purely Ethical reasons. When I first started becoming a Vrgan,My reasons for doing so was more about Health than not wanting Animals killed for Food or any other Reason for that matter. But than I started reading all I can about World Religions and stumbled upon a Religion called Jainism that considers all Life to be Sacred,stresses a Vegan Diet,and forbids its followers to kill or harm any Living Creature.Then the basic concept of Life being generally quite Precious and a Sacred Gift stuck in My Mind. Actually I have been a practicing Buddhist for the past 5 Years.      I have a great Love and admioration for Nature and as a result of that, Ihave devoted My Life to Enviornmental Activism and being an Animal Rights Activist. I do this "Dumpster Diving"thing once a Week at Work when I take out the Trash and Cardboard by taking all the Cardboard I can out of the "Regular Dumpster"and transferring it to the Cardboard Dumpster .
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