liz (dystopiate) wrote in freegans,

Lactose and Gelatin in pills

Okay, so I'm crazy. And I have chronic pain issues. I'm on many medications. I was just reading about them, and I've discovered that nearly all of them contain lactose and/or gelatin (even tablets have gelatin, not just capsules, which I really don't understand.) I'm lactose intolerant, so I'm really not liking that, and I think I'll discontinue this new pill that I've been taking for the past couple months. My Klonopin doesn't have lactose, thank god. But what the hell is that? Is it just filler, or what? They cut pharmaceuticals just like street drugs?

And what would you do? I'm having issues with this. I don't want to consume animalstuffs. But I can't not take my pills. And I'm poor as fuck. Is there even a vegan alternative? I'm not a real vegan, which is why I'm posting this here instead of a vegan community. But filling the prescription and all doesn't have anything to do with freeganism. I can't try to dumpsterdive my meds and rely on that. Hmm... speaking of which, if there are any places where on CAN dumpster pills (of any sort), let me know!
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