Alison (eulalie_) wrote in freegans,

student film

Hey all,

I'm shooting a short documentary about how living in a consumer-based society is a CHOICE and that there are plenty alternatives if one feels that money makes them immobile in one way or another. I live in Ventura, California and I'm actually disappointed by how few links I've been able to come up with locally for this topic.

My sister has been traveling across the country without spending or acquiring a penny since July/Aug. of last summer. Her goal is to see the country, counter-clockwise. She started in Minneapolis and she just came through Ventura and stayed at my place.

I've already done a multimedia project on this but I feel that this topic would be more appropriate for video. I want to get the message out to the masses.

Anyone have any ideas or links that would be helpful? All comments are greatly appreciated. :)
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